Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weekly Meeting Report (3 in 1)

My apologies to the gardeners! We have been meeting every week, but I've been too busy to update the blog. Here are some brief notes from our last 3 meetings:

  •  Barbara suggested that we should have a garden party at some point this semester. She can arrange for us to use the roof of her building.
  • We talked about the possibility of arranging a viewing of a documentary about a garden in South Central LA: The Garden.
  •  We talked about planting bulbs & getting donations for the flower garden by the ARC
  • Garden T-Shirts--would you like to design one?
  • Olga plans to watch The Garden & report back to the group
  • Olga & Alicia plan to take pictures of the ARC garden & of the site by Classon Avenue
  • Olga showed us the pictures of both garden sites--we'll add them to the blog soon!
  • We discussed the meeting w/ new members scheduled for next week--I hope all current members can make it
  • We went over some of the garden plans and discussed the use of cinder blocks in the central bed

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